Aesthetic + Ways I Tie It Into My Brand / Business

Aesthetic is a word used to describe the style or feel of something, which we actual use in our day to day without really thinking about it. When people talk about an aesthetic; it is usually brought up around the way a home is laid out or someone's Instagram feed! But, it's simple any and everything ( my opinion ).

My name is Danita Shari and my name alone is my aesthetic. It's who I am and how I brand myself daily. Shari . Co candle & more is my business and what I promote daily, but they go hand in hand.

When really figuring out how I wanted to brand myself I had to tap into me. I had to evaluate the ways I live my life ( still learning about myself til this day ) from the foods I eat, the way I dress and who I am as an Individual. I wanted my brand / business to be as authentic as can be without over sharing too much. I started creating a list of things that stuck out about who I am and realized I had a lot of unique traits I wanted to share on my platform.

As a physical aspect I like natural / neutral, minimal with a splash of boho. That's how I can describe my style. That alone plays a major part into my business; because I used that to create a product that I would actually buy and use. My candle business is something I launched in 2019 with the of idea self-care in a luxurious way. Being a huge advocate on self-appreciation I knew that candles would be the perfect product to launch for my business. But, I had to figure out how to create each candle in a way that would speak through me.

From the packaging, to the scents and my marketing. I made sure that everything aligns with my brand Danita Shari, because remember I am a lifestyle blogger and I have this other platform that I share my style, thoughts and more on

( When you check out both my Instagrams you will see the same aesthetic feel )


If you are starting a business make sure you 1. You find something that relates to you 2. you research about the product 3. Figure out your target audience 4. believe in what your selling & 5. Just go for it. This blog post was just a small look into how my aesthetic plays a roll in my brand / business. I am no expert, but it's what works for me. Thank you for reading, share and like.

with love always,

Danita Shari


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