Always on Go, Entrepreneur Life.( what they don't tell you )

Let's be real! Being an entrepreneur is hard work. I mean really hard work and from what I have notice from social media is that many people on there love to encourage others to quite their 9-5 and work for themselves. But, fail to realized that this isn't for everyone. Nevertheless; that isn't what this blog post is about. I wanted to touch on how sometimes as entrepreneur's we over work ourselves in addition to leaving little to no room for anything else.

I typically work all day and night. Monday - Thursday however, I give myself a little free time on the weekends to catch up on life. I am currently preparing for the restock of my business Shari. Co candle & more therefor; I am clocking in even more hours than a usually work week. When the weekend approaches depending on how much work I have finished, I will go out and enjoy myself with my loved ones. It can be fairly easy to stay inside and just grind all day! (which I often do) But, end up exhausting myself out by Sunday, Monday I am drained and by the following Friday I have not an inch of energy to do anything else.

Being someone who created a brand/business around self care, how am I not practicing what I preached? I had to really take a step back and realize that I still needed time to rest in order to show up for my business, along for myself. I am encoring anyone who has a business, blog, works, is a parent or even in school etc. To find that YOU time! It is important for your mental state of mine as well as your body.

How do you make time for yourself? Message me or leave a comment over on my instagram. @_Imdanita

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you take care


sending love & light xo


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