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Edge Naturale

As you know when it comes to my skin and body I take high maintained to the extreme! It's important to keep care of our Temples; and that also goes for the maintenance of my hair. I've been 100% natural for 5 years now and with the pulling/toughing of braids, weaves etc I noticed the thinning of my edges. I have very thick hair so, I could easily locate the problem area and make some changes to what I was doing! Better protective styles and uses of Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer Cream I seen a complete improvement.

I also have turned my own sister into a customer.

Back in September I wrote a blog post on Edge Naturals and now I am able to give some more insight on why I am a fan of their products. Thank you Edge Naturale for sending me another creme.

I want to start off with the packaging of the product. I am a big fan of good packaging and Edge Naturale does a good job on explaining what their product does without over baring us with words. Moving forward to the product its self; I am a texture girl! Meaning I can look and feel a product to tell if it will actually work on my hair before using it.

Two things I think Edge Naturale does great with when it comes to their edge products is the consistency of their cream. It is thick! But, not super heavy and it melts into my hair perfectly without leaving any odd residue. This is a great thing because I don't have to worry about product transfer onto my pillows once my hair is wrapped! I have tired many other creams before that would seeped through my bonnet which can be very annoying. I also love the peppermint feel of the product. It isn't super overwhelming like most peppermint filled products; although I can feel the fresh feel on my scalp. I've moved from using this product twice a day to once at night because of the fast results. I am very pleased with Edge Natuale and the way they have communicated with me during both collaborations. Thank you Again!

If you are interested in using their products please let them know I sent you.

Thank you for reaching.

Sending love & Light.


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