Inspiring Women


BY Danita Shari

As a creator and business owner I've come across many different women with unique platforms. For this women's month I wanted to highlight a handful of motivating and Inspiring women.

Known as a Interior Internationalist & the founder of Duett Interiors. Tiffanys remarkable design skills are inspirational along with experimentally informational. You can find much of her work on Instagram @theplantmami

Priscilla is the founder of the platform saddiebaddies, which is a virtual sanctuary for Black & multiracial people who focuses around mental health. You can find more information on

Kimberlys astounding work ethic behind her ever growing clean beauty + wellness brand Terra-Tory is Inspiring & worth highlighting & supporting. You can explore the multiple different body products on

Alicia is the founder & CEO of Range beauty. Which is as quoted "A eczema and acne-centered makeup for the forgotten shades". Seeing the beautiful unfolding of Range has been pure enjoyment which sparks much motivation. You can learn more about Range Beauty on:

Lastly, I want to highlight Sheva Ahmadi. The founder of LA Beauty Club, a modern beauty supply for us.

I was able to visit LA Beauty Club last month and was blow away by the warm welcoming feeling that you rarely receive in a beauty supply. I was also In-awe of the pink layout of the place, along with the special servicing area in the back of the store. If you are ever in-need of products stop by: 1245 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90019


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