Keeping ourselves on track in 2022

When the new year begins our motivation is at an all time high. We have our planners, journals, vision boards and so much more to keep us on track. But, as we dive deeper into the new year we begin to slack a lot. And that's sometimes okay.... But, what can we do to change that?

How about being patient with ourselves and allowing us to only focus on realistic expectations.Try keeping these new found goals/resolutions to about 3-5 at a time! Speaking from experience I have overwhelmed myself with trying to keep up with every goal at once; to the point that I became overwhelmed because they didn't fit into my current life. Adapting new habits is very hard and instead of forcing them I now allow them to flow in.

Things you can do :

  • write out your goals & post them where you can see them

  • focus on 1 big goal & 1 small goal a month

  • set reminders in your phone

  • meditate / pray

  • add those goals to your weekly to-do list

  • make a to-do list

This is one of my favorite ones. I typically go out and buy a new planner for my TO-DO's but this year I decided to piece together a digital planner to print.

Download PDF • 112KB

  • Hold yourself accountable

  • Check in with yourself

  • Get a friend or family member on board to check in with each other.

And don't forget that it's okay if you fall behind. As long as you can find a way back on track.

Hope this inspires you to stay motivated this 2022 year and don't forget to share this blog post with someone.

Happy New Year!



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