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Life As An Entrepreneur In My Early 20s

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post because my business Shari. co candle & more has taken up my entire life. But, I wanted to make sure did not leave my blog hanging. AGAIN!

If you didn't know I am the owner of Shari. co candle and more which focuses on self - care and self - appreciation. Our motto is "Self - Care In A Lux Way" because I wanted my candles to encourage relaxation and finding peace within each aroma while creating a luxurious experience.

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If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I wanted to do with my life; the responses that I would have gave would not have lead you to believe I would be an entrepreneur. I launched my business last year at the age of 23 and at the time it was just a side hustle that I enjoyed doing. Now; it has become a huge string of income for me, especially with the pandemic.

I've been learning so many great ways of staying on top of everything, but it has also been very complicated because I'm doing everything from customer service, making the products, packing the orders etc. When you are starting your business 9/10 you will be the one doing everything on your own. So, my best advice is to plan and don't allow anyone to rush you.

Not your customers and especially not social media! Social media can make you feel like you are not on the right path to success, but please remember you are. Everything you see isn't what it's cut out to be! When it's your time, it's your time. Comparing your journey to someone else's will do more harm to your business and you're mental.

create a weekly and,or monthly goals.

Creating these goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable to your work. When you are an entrepreneur you are your own boss! Meaning, no one is going to tell you what needs to be done; but you. This is a great way of becoming more responsible and taking accountably for work. Being in my early 20's I'm still transitioning from being told what to do from my parents and reminding my own self about basic everyday " TO-DO'S. "

This is something that plays a major part in your business.

Read, Learn and Apply.

No matter how much you think you know, there is always room for improvement. Keep educating yourself and ask questions. Take in as much 'FREEGAME" as you can because there is so much information out there. Being not only young, but a young Black women; in some spaces I won't be taken seriously, therefor I need to make sure I understand my business fully.

Be Realistic.

Be real with yourself. If you know that you have too much on your plate step back. There has been so many opportunities that I have had to pass up on because I knew It would add too much stress on myself. The money will always be out there, do not force it.

Also; when it comes to setting finacial goals for your business DO NOT lie to yourself. I am a big believer in praying/manifesting what you want, But I also know you have to put work behind it.

In these beginning years of adulthood there will be many mistakes taken and that is always alright. Remember that you are learning how to balance your life and finding your passion along the way. Keep trying new things, allow yourself to grow & balance will come with time.

I hope you enjoyed this small read, share and like always, sending love & light to you.


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