My Current Go-To Skin + Body Care Products

Taking the necessary steps In making sure I'm doing all I can to check back in with myself at the end of each day is very important to me. One of the many ways of doing this is going through a thorough skin + body care routine. (This is my favorite form of self - care)

Skin + body care plays a major roll when it comes to wanting to decompress and take the weight of the world off. Being able to treat myself to these things everyday is so important in how I feel each night mentally and physically. I notice when I cater to my body each night I sleep better then when I didn't do all my steps.

I want to highlight a company by the name of Bodi Brand. Owned by a woman named Malia. Bodi Brand is a small batch company that creates 100% natural, nourishing, healing skin and body care products. I have become obsessed with Bodi Brand's dry skin bars which I use in almost every shower since I've received my soaps. Each product is hand crafted and running a business myself, I know how time consuming and tedious that can be! But, she never misses a beat. I can't wait to make another purchase soon. Shop Here

After each shower I moisturize with a body butter or oil. ( this hydrates my skin the best ) Lately I've been gravitating towards Naturaleza's Apothecary's Healing + Nourishing Body Butter crafted and owned by a woman who knows her stuff! Her name is Tatum & I live by so many of her products. Naturaleza's products range from skin, body even home. Definitely worth the coin. I've also been using their Skin Soothing Aloe Vera Serum and let me tell you...I've used it all up because It's so good, I over due it.

Shop Here

Next, we have the whole collection of Fresh Beauty's Vitamin Nectar Line. These hydrating skincare products are everything to me and I could never disown them. ( unless .. you know ) Their Vitamin Nectar Glow Mask Retails at $25 & $62, but you get what you pay for. It's a brighting and exfoliating mask that contains vitamins C & AHA's. my favorite mask out right now. Shop Here

And following that we have RoseHip Seed Oil. My nighttime routine can not be complete without this product. It has helped with the improvement of acne scaring and keeping my skin hydrated at night. This oil is rich in antioxidants which we all know helps fight inflammation. Highly recommend!

These products are just a few products that I've been gravitating towards more in the past months. I have so many other skin and body products to share on here and my social media platforms. I hope you enjoy and find a product helpful!


sending love and light

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