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Natural With Edge Naturale

When it comes to natural hair we all know things can be a little tricky in figuring out what works and how to maintain healthy growing hair. Edge Naturale is a company that specializes in regrowing damage hair and I am excited to share this brand with my readers.

Edge Naturale has hair vitamins and also a Follicle Enhancer cream that I had the opportunity in testing out for the last couple of weeks. I am fully natural and I often wear my hair in it's natural state, but I also wear a ton of protected styles. Although I love these styles, I can tell how the right side of my hair has thinned out due to the pulling and friction of sleeping on it. ( it's easy to notice because I have extremely think hair. )

The Follicle Enhancer cream has a soft texture that easily melts into my scalp along with a cooling after feel which is probably promoted by the peppermint oil. The peppermint oil was the first thing I noticed about this product when I opened it and I absolutely love that!

I decided that I would only test the enhancer cream on my the right side of my hair because my right is the main focal point of the thinning and I would also be able to cover it with my bangs. The directions explains with the enhancer cream you should only apply the product to clean hair which makes sense because you don't want to cross any product. It's been 4 weeks since starting my enhancer journey and I can honestly tell a different within my edges.

It isn't anything drastic yet! But, I believe by the end of next month I'll see major progress!

I typically use the product in the mornings when I do my routine and at night right before bed. I defiantly recommend you purchase this products and try it out for yours. I believe you have to give things a try for a while before you make a full judgement if it works well so follow my social media @_Imdanita and also Edge Naturale @edgenaturale or shop

And like always, sending love and light to you.


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