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Overcoming Stress ...

In a year we have been faced with so many obstacles. But, regardless many amazing things have unfolded and remembering to highlight those situations will keep your mindset positive.

Two weeks ago I had a mental break down because I was just so overwhelmed with getting everything done for my business, while staying on top of my brand collaborations and every day life. I am being transparent because I really felt like I could just give this all up & lately it's just been a lot. But, Remembering that I am extremely blessed to have all that I do and to be where I am in my career is what really keeps me going. I know we all go through different struggles ( trust ) nevertheless; your situation will get better, the hardships are temporary and you will get through them.

Things I do:

Speak life into myself ( I am strong minded, Abundance Flows ) Repeat

Yoga ( Watch )

Mediation/ Breathing Exercise ( The Over App )

Talk to someone ( Therapy for Black Girls, TalkSpace )

Journal ( A Note Book that means something to you )

Clear / Clean my space ( Burning sage, Incenses, Candle From my collection )

Take a Bath ( Healthy essential oils, Bodi Brand Bath Soak )

These are just a few things I do to check back into myself. T

Try them when you feel the shift in your mood and see if it helps.

Sending Love & Light

Danita Shari


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