Self Awareness & My Journey

My journey started 6 years ago and I am grateful for every single step it has taken me.

In year 5, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and began to do more key things that would make me uncomfortable but also teach me more about myself. I met new friends, which allowed me to pay more attention to who I brought into my life, I grew in my work field by setting boundaries, and not being a yes woman to things I didn't want to do and I even got into relationship with someone I felt 100% comfortable with.

I wanted to highlight how being in a relationship is a big deal for me because my last one was the reason why I started my self awareness journey. I lost myself completely and I promised myself to never become that person again. I spent years alone to understand who I was and to have a better understanding of my happiness, in-order to be a better person to myself; In addition to being a better partner in the future.

Things I did :

  • Took myself on dates

  • spent alone time at home

  • checked in with my therapist to unpack my emotions

  • wrote

  • read

  • listened to self-help podcast

  • Reflected

All those things combined + more is what has helped me along with this journey. I'll continue to still do these things for myself because no matter if your single or in a relationship. You matter FIRST! Always.


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