Skincare & the expensive relationship we have.

Growing up we washed our face, applied coco butter or Vaseline & went off about our day. So, when did that change & when did caring for our skin get so expensive?

My junior year of high school is when I really started experimenting in the beauty world & learning about the different skincare products there were on the market.

With that small knowledge I began to work at Macy's beauty counter as a on-call after high school & shortly realized that skincare was beyond cleansers, oils but it really made a differece in how people felt when purchasing new items for their skin.

Around that same time I started my blog and would receive inquires from skincare brands about trying their new products. This was only the start of my skincare love!

Many years have pasted and I have tried so many different products. Some of my current favorites:

  1. Naturium mixed green nutrient rich cleanse

  2. Naturium BHA liquid exfoliant 2%

  3. Biossance squalane serum

  4. Urban Aesthetics hyaluronic aid

  5. Herbivore botanical cloud jelly

Investing in products that you love can be expense overtime & being mindful of that is important. You don't have to keep up with all the latest trends, new products & whatever the buzz is on social media is. Take time to research and see what you can incorporate at the moment.


Sending love and light.


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