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The holiday season is coming up and I think it would be an amazing idea to show some smaller business some love. We know that small businesses have been impacted the most by COVID-19 and I wanted to make sure that I did my part in highlighting not only my own, But some other businesses I've become very fond of.


@chillologyco /

" Chillology, a daily lifestyle brand that offers premium loose leaf teas, botanicals & herbs along with home goods, to enhance your living space " my company Shari. co and Chillology currently have a chai bundle going on where you will receive a loose leaf chai & a chai candle. Before we did this collaboration I was a customers that kept coming back! If you're a tea lover like I am; I highly recommend. ShopBundle




@nooknotesllc /

Nook Notes is a Christian resource space for the CREATIVE. Shop

A great way to keep yourself motivated as we end this crazy year and enter into a new one. Their prayers & devotions book would be a perfect gift for anyone needing and searching for a more fulfilling read.



@tyllermorgan /

Womenswear Fashion Designer Shop

Tyler Morgan's motto " finding beauty in simplicity " and I defiantly see that in the pieces they offer. I am a huge lover of all things fashion and can't wait to see what I can get my hands no this upcoming season.


#4 Cacao


All things handmade, all things chocolate. Based out of Los Angeles ! Shipping your friends and family members these sweet treats will bring a sweet smile onto their faces this very different holiday season. Shop


Running a business during this pandemic has been a real test on many levels and It has been extremely exhausting, but so worth it. I am the owner and founder of Shari. co candle & more based out of the Bay Area. ( link here ) I definitely think running a business has taught me many life skills and I encourage anyone looking to start a business right now; should. It's an amazing way to connect with new people and even tap more In-depth with your creativity. I had the opportunity to interview three very amazing entrepreneurs and get an idea of what they do and why.

Davon Dumetz has a clothing brand called "VCN Clothing" which stands for vision create network based out of Cleveland Ohio. I came across Davon and VCN clothing through twitter and had to follow because of the uniqueness of his apparel. "I started this brand in remembrance of my grandmother who passed away 3 years ago. This is why the logo is an elephant, it was her favorite animal because she loved how they symbolize wisdom. She was my best friend

and was always proud of me no matter what I did so when she passed I wanted to turn a negative into a positive by starting my own business." His brand is what he believed in and took it upon himself to change an outlook onto something which I find greatness in because I can resonate to his story. I also learned that Davon started his business with only $75 which goes to show you do not need much to lead to success. I think many of us believe we need the most expensive materials to start our business; but that isn't true.With time comes improvement and I wish the best of luck for VCN clothing.

you can shop VCN Clothing Here

and follow him @vcnclothing

Finding new businesses excites me because I am able to shop directly with a creator. Trisha Ekhator based in Newark New Jersey is the owner of The Khato Label which is a Black owned shoe company.

Traisha explains that her motivation started from how she grew up in Nigeria where her mom had a fabric business. she said " Been around businesses inspired me into my crafted because a lot of things back home are made from scratch " which I find extremely amazing because living here in the U.S we are so quick to amazon anything, but to have something created and crafted from raw materials is why I love to shop small.

Her pieces are gorgeous and I can't wait to invest in a pair of The Khato Label shoes. I wish her the best and growth.

shop The Khato Label here


Lastly we have my very dear friend Winter Baxter who I actually met because of my business. Winter is by far one of the most hard working, motivated and encouraging individuals I know. I would say she really keeps me on my toes when it comes to my business and I appreciate how much she has helped / inspired me.

Get learn more about her and the advice she drops


Follow her twitter @lilsnowbabe

Thank you for reading

Sending love & light


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