Meet the face
behind the posts


A lifestyle writer & self care advocate that loves many different things.

My name is Danita Shari & I've always wanted my blog to be a tool for anyone wanting to learn about something new around the topics of design, self-care & more. Being fully aware that so much goes under my list of " Favorite " things, but wanting to share as much as I can with my readers while I continue this journey of life. 

When first launching my blog in June of 2017, I used my platform to mainly share any and everything ( which thinking back on it .. was a mess ). Following a couple months in, I then turned my blog into a healing platform & sharing my pains through my writing. At the time I was going through a lot of emotional hardships and I just needed somewhere to express my feelings. 

5 years later, I'm taking everything I started and revamping it into a way that speaks more into who I am today! I hope you enjoy and share this blog with someone who would find it informational as well